Château Chérubin 2008 Vintage

Bottle of Chateau Chérubin Saint Émilion - 2008 VintageThe vintage

The vine is very late : the bud blooming occurs in the second week of April.

The spring is fresh and rainy.

The flower arrives quite late, in the beginning of June, and in unfavorable conditions. It ends up on the 15th of June, with a low harvest potential.

The summer is cool, with very reasonable temperature averages.

The maturity is late, so much that we have to wait until the beginning of Octobre to collect the grapes.

The harvest is made by steps, between the 5th and the 18th of Octobre.

The cuvée

The vinification is done smoothly in order to extract the best tannins.

The wines are flown out in barrels in the beginning of Novembre.

The fermentation lasted for 24 days.

The wine is put into new barrels, from the Tronçais Forest.

The harvest is quite low.

The embotling is processed in mid-May.

The final mixture is 67% merlot and 33% cabernet.

The tasting

Very beautiful purple coulour.

Very smooth notes with a light vanilla and wild strawberry nose.

The palate is generous, tendre, elegant and fleshy, offering silky tannins.

A very beautiful long, complex and living finish gives this wine a very high level of quality.

Beautiful vintage (millésime) of elegance and subtlely, which will arrive in tasting as soon as 2012 and which, thanks to its generosity, will have a great life expectancy.