The harvest

On the harvest day, we pay a real attention to a very precise grape work. For their respect, we collect them in small boxes.

The grapes are eventually sorted on a conveyer belt.

We scratch manually: this is a technique used in the whole Bordeaux region.

This manual and gravity scratch was formerly used by the ancients, before the arrival of electricity.

It consists in placing 4 people around a table which has, in its center, a wooden grate (supplied by Château Mouton Rothschild). The grapes are moved on this grate about ten times. Eventually, the grains fall through the wooden grate and are collected in a small vat, which is carried over the wine vat and emptied thanks to gravity.

This process is extremely important because it is very smooth. The fruitless grape is not broken, and the immature grapes stay on the vine. 


This represents a "remarkable" sorting to obtain a great wine.